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Creating Your Senior Portraits

You Get The Photos You Really Want

Did you know that if your school uses a contract photographer you only have to use them for your yearbook photo? That's right. You can have your senior portraits that you share with friends and family created by Blue Moon Photography. Why have something so important taken by a company that hires seasonal help when you can have a Certified Profession Photographer create what you want?

Your senior portraits are important to you and we get that. They're a statement about who you are, where you're going, and your personality. They tell everyone that you are an individual. At Blue Moon Photography we create the photos that show the different sides of your personality in a way that makes you want to post them on facebook™.

Learning About You

The first thing we do is a consultation where we listen to you, find out what you want and how we can make it happen. We will want to know all about you so that we can really bring out your personality in the photos we create for you. Tell us about your music, what you like to do, your dreams and your goals.

What's your passion? Is it fashion, sports, theater, great cars or just hanging out with friends?

All of this will help us to create really amazing photos for you. Tell us what you want to see as well as what don't want to see in your photos. If you've looked through some web sites and magazines and found something you like or have your own idea, show it to us or tell us about it. We enjoy collaborating with our cleints to create something special.

Do you have a special place you want your images created? Location sessions can be so much fun... we love doing them!

At the end of your consultation we'll schedule your portrait session and go over everything we discussed to make sure that we've got it right.

If you have any questions before the consultation, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Your Photo Session

Next is the fun part, your portrait session. We always call the day before your session to see if you have any questions since the last time we talked.