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Preparing For Your Senior Portrait Session

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your portrait session. We've found that being prepared will not only help keep you relaxed, you'll look your confident best too.

First of all, we ask that you arrive on time. This is important, and hereís why: if you are running late youíll be stressed and the tension will show in your face and body language. Also, you wouldn't want to have to wait because someone before you was not on time for their session, would you?

Get everything ready the night before your photo session so youíll be able to relax and enjoy the day. One of the best ways to organize is to put everything for each outfit on one hanger. For example, put jewelry, belts, or shoes in a plastic zip lock bag and hang it on the hanger with the clothing it goes with. This way you wonít forget anything.

Make sure that your clothes are ironed as we may not be able to digitally remove unwanted wrinkles that show up in photos. Also, please bring at least one extra outfit, just in case we can, or need to, work it in.

Donít forget makeup, combs or brushes, a curling iron, hair accessories, and any favorite

items you'd like to be in your photos.

Special concerns


Having a friend in your photos can be part of the fun of your portrait experience. If they are going to be part of your indoor session, they should arrive at the studio when you do. But remember, this is your day, so we suggest limiting your photo with a friend to just one outfit.

Favorite Items

Activities are part of you and your life. Sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments or artist materials all say something about you. We will gladly work them into your photo session. If you have any questions, call. Chances are we can do it!


Most everyone likes to have at least a few images with a beautiful smile. If you have braces, just smile naturally and don't worry about the braces. We can remove them with digital imaging so they won't appear in your final portrait.