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Please call us at 714.838.8262 to schedule your complimentary consultation

Information for Your Portraits

Whether you are looking for studio or outdoor portraits, we have just what you're looking for:

  • Family Portraits
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Hollywood Style
  • Character Study Portraits

For corporate headshots or executive portraits please visit our Executive Portrait Gallery and Executive Info

Your Consultation

Creating a remarkable portrait begins with an initial consultation at our studio. Whether you know exactly what you want portrait to look like, you're looking to collaborate with a photographer for your special vision, or are unsure of what you want, it all begins with us sitting down and listening to you. By finding out about your lifestyle, the personalities of everyone to be photographed, and the style of images that you prefer, together we can develop a clear vision of what you want your portraits to look like.

We will discuss everything that goes into creating your portrait, from the style of the images, to clothing, jewelry, props, and location.

In addition, we'll discuss how are you planning to use the photography that we're creating for you? Are you thinking about creating a coffee table book, a personal album, a collection images for a wall grouping or are you thinking about creating a storyboard?

At the end of the consultation we'll schedule your Portrait Session

We do require a non-refundable retainer at the time we schedule your Portrait Session. This holds the date that is reserved especially for you. (We will cheerfully reschedule if the weather is uncooperative or other circumstances require).

What to Wear

When creating a portrait, you want the viewer's attention to be drawn to the faces of the people in the portrait. Skin highlights should be the brightest or most intense areas of the portrait, whatever the skin tone of the subjects.

Clothing should be in the same tonal range (light, medium, dark). When light and dark tones are worn together, the contrast draws attention away from the subject. For instance, if you plan on wearing a dark burgundy colored sweater, wear brown, charcoal or black pants rather than khaki or cream colored ones.

It is important that the colors and tones should be in harmony with each other so that everyone in the portrait looks like they belong together.

Here is another idea to help you decide what clothing color to wear: decide where you will display the portrait, then wear the accent colors from that room's decor. One last color tip: The majority of people (regardless of race, age or gender) have skin tones that look best in colors that do not include lime green, bright yellow, orange and rust.

Your Portrait Session

On the day of your session, consider about clearing your schedule so you're not overly busy. That way you will arrive for the session looking your best and feeling refreshed and relaxed. Your portrait is going to be very special!

The length of the session depends the complexity of of what we are creating and/or the location. We suggest you bring not only the clothing you've selected for your portrait, but an alternate clothing change as well. For more formal portraits, bring several selections of jewelry or accessories.

Your Presentation

Choosing just the right image is a fun experience! Sit back and relax as we present your portraits on a large screen LED monitor.

As you're considering where you will display your portraits, consider the various ways they can be displayed:

  • Gallery wraps, matted and traditionally framed wall portraits
  • Wall groupings either framed or as gallery wraps
  • Storyboards with multiple images

Once you have determined where you'd like to display your portraits, take a photograph of the wall and any furniture below or along side where the portraits will hang. Then please measure dimensions of the space. This will help us determine the best size for your portraits or wall groupings.

Since you will be placing your order at this time, we ask that everyone who is a part of the decision making process to please be at this meeting.

Also, don't forget the desk sets for your offices and gift sets for relatives. 8x10 and 5x7 prints make excellent gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and of course holidays.

Please visit our Portrait Gallery to see some of the wonderful portraits we've created for our clients.