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Planning and Creating Your Maternity Photography

Your Consultation

Creating an exciting maternity photography begins with a complimentary consultation at our studio. As professional photographers, it's important that we know what you are looking for and what you want your portraits to convey. Are you looking for photos that are a beautiful record of how you look or are you looking for images that have a more artistic flair to them?

We will also talk about how you planning to use your photographs. Are you wanting to create an album to pass down to you child when they become a parent? Are you looking for storyboards or wall groupings for the baby's room? What about fine art portraits for the private areas of your home such as your master bedroom or bathroom? These are just some of the possibilities that are available to you.

At the end of your consultation we will schedule your maternity portrait session and presentation appointment. We do require a non-refundable retainer at the time we schedule the portait session. This holds the date for you and allows us to begin planning your pregnancy portraits. (We will cheerfully reschedule if circumstances require).

Your Portrait Session

Our pregnancy portrait sessions are done in a comfortable, homelike, and unhurried atmosphere.

Because we meet with and work with clients by appointment only, our creative photography sessions are completely private and uninterrupted by ringing phones, people dropping in, and mall chatter. This is your quiet time - yours to enjoy the process of creating art that celebrates your pregnancy.

The length of the session depends on the nature of what we are creating for you. Our typical session lasts two hours but may take longer if you want a album.

We suggest you bring not only the clothing you've selected for your portrait, but an alternate clothing change as well. We have some outfits that were designed especially for photographing expectant mothers.

If very young children are going to be part of your maternity portrait session, don't forget to bring a toy, some books, their iPad or other fun distractions to amuse them when we are photographing just you. We will discuss this more at the consultation