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Creating Your Family Portraits

There is more to creating a family portrait than just calling a studio and making an appointment with the receptionist to go in have your picture taken. Sure it can be done with some portrait studios but, are you really going to get the family portrait that you want? Probably not. we want you to get your family portrait the way you envision it.

Initial Consultation

Creating a remarkable family portrait begins with an initial consultation at our studio. Whether you know exactly what you want family portrait to look like, you're looking to collaborate with a photographer for your special vision, or are completely unsure of what you want, it all begins with us sitting down and listening to you. By finding out about your lifestyle, the personalities of everyone to be photographed, and the style of images that you prefer, together we can develop a clear vision of what you want your portraits to look like.

We will discuss everything that goes into creating your family portrait, from the style of the images, to clothing, jewelry, props and location.

In addition, we also discuss the colors and

style of furniture that are in the room where you will be displaying your portraits. How are you planning to use the photography that we're creating for you? Are you thinking about creating a coffee table book, a personal album, a collection images for a wall grouping or are you thinking about creating a storyboard?

At the end of the consultation we'll schedule your Portrait Session and your Presentation appointment.

We require a non-refundable retainer at the time we schedule your Portrait Session. This holds the date that is reserved especially for you. (We will cheerfully reschedule if the weather is uncooperative or other circumstances require).

Your Portrait Session

We suggest you schedule the session on a day when you are not overly busy. That way everyone will arrive for the session feeling refreshed and relaxed and looking their best. Your family's portrait is going to be very special!

The length of the session depends on the number of people involved, the complexity, and the location. We suggest you bring not