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Posted by on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 in Automotive, General

Not Your Dad’s Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer's Tesla Model S

What little boy wouldn’t want to zoom around in a car that’s just like dad’s? And what parent wouldn’t want to give their daughter the fun of driving a Tesla Model S? If your kids or grandkids are in the three-to-eight age group, or if you’re just a kid in a grown-up’s body, read on.

Last Saturday morning we dropped by the Tesla store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach to watch as some fun loving kids got their chance to drive Radio Flyer’s new child-size electric car. A perfect reproduction of Tesla’s legendary Model S, this pint-size facsimile is battery powered…  and like it’s bigger namesake, has some very cool features.

Of course Radio Flyer’s Tesla has working headlights and horn along with two easy-to-use buttons to make it go forward or reverse when the child steps on the pedal.  It also has two speeds that the parent can set: a slow “beginner’s” mode (3 mph maximum) for younger kids or those just learning, and a slightly faster one (6 mph) once they get the hang of it. For long cruises down the sidewalk, they can plug in their MP3 player (or mom’s iPhone) into the speaker to listen to music. The “frunk” (front trunk) holds toys, snacks, or whatever the child want to take along.

Removable, rechargeable battery packs make keeping it charged up easy, but it also plugs into any home wall outlet with a cable that looks just like the one mom & dad use for their Tesla. Surprisingly, we discovered the price tag is only $499.

Watching the kids ride in the car while the parents snapped pictures on their phone was just a kick! Oh to be five years old again!

To order yours click on the logo below


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