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Who is Blue Moon Photography

Eco Friendly Studio

We don't just say it, we live it. Artistic photography is not just a passion or a business to us, it's a lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is respect for the earth and its inhabitants and a deep knowledge of the impact photograhy as had, and will continue to have on the earth. By drastically reducing the impact our business has on the environment, we are doing our small part to preserve the earth's resources and natural beauty for future generations.

  • Solar powered - We generate 100% of the electricity needed for the studio and our personal use. Infact every year we generate a net surplus of electricity.
  • Archival in-house printing - With very few exceptions we print most of our work on recyclable, archival, fine art paper. Most papers produced for photographic printing by a lab have a resin coating, they are not recycleable.
  • Frames - Our frames are sourced from manufacturers that use wood harvested from sustainable forests. Mats are also acid-free, archival and sustainably sourced.
  • Electric vehicle - Our all-electic, no emission vehicle is charged from our solar panels.
  • Reuse or Recycle - If it comes into our home or studio we make every effort to reuse or recycle it. That even includes vegetable scraps from our kitchen that are composted and used in our organic garden.

Why Blue Moon Photography?

We are often asked why we chose the name Blue Moon Photography for our studio. Well, it’s because it evokes the idea of life's rare moments - something that comes along only once in a blue moon. It takes an artist's eye to recognize when one of those moments is unfolding... and to record those fleeting moments in an artistic way. That's what we hope to do for each client - document genuine moments of beauty and emotion.

We are passionate about our art, our work, and our relationship. Together, we bring our unique and outstanding talents to each and and every job we do. Our clients really benefit the way we blend and share our talents with each other. They are actually commissioning two artists. It is not very often you find two people, both photographers and digital artists, that work in harmony. Each image is truly a collaborative work.


"When I was young I loved taking pictures. But it wasn't until college that I was able to really explore the medium. Then it became a passion and lives inside of me today!"

"For me, photography isn't a job, it's an art form. And I like to involve my clients in the fun of the artistic process too. Nothing is more fulfilling than to finish a portrait session knowing we've created some great images that will bring wonderful memories and smiles to my clients and their families for years to come. And when they have fun and take part in the creative process too, then I know the images will be even more special."

"Part of the excitement I feel for photography is the enjoyment I get from working with people. That's also one reason we chose to have an in-residence studio. We want people to feel relaxed and at ease - as though they're dealing with friends."

"One of my other creative outlets can be found in the kitchen. It's kind of like photography, but instead of working with light and shadow, shape, and form, I'm creating with flavors, smells, taste and texture."


Bev is an accomplished artist and began selling her paintings in galleries at age 15. She enthusiastically talks about her art:

"I spend a lot of time as a child drawing and painting and frequently I got scolded in class for doodling. But eventually the practice paid off with a sill I enjoy immensely."

"My background in watercolor and oil painting has provided me with experience, and it enables me to paint with pixels as well as a brush. Digital photography provides a great opportunity for artists and the new technology gives us tools to take images to a new level of creativity. I really enjoy the process of refining and manipulating images to create beautiful works of photographic art."

"Many people in my family were writers, artists, photographers and creative people. We learned from each other and shared things we enjoyed. And because family is so important to me, I understand what a treasure a family's photographs are. I really feel privileged to be able to create images that will become part of a family's heritage for the next generation."