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About the Artists

It's important to us that every one of our images be outstanding and the service we provide to each of our clients be exceptional. Blue Moon is a family owned studio that has been providing personalized photography services in Tustin, California since 1994. Bev and Charlie Laumann are both passionate about their art and their work, and together they bring outstanding talent to photographic portraiture. At Blue Moon our commitment to quality and service assures our clients that they've made the right choice!

Our clients really benefit from us blending and sharing our talents with each other. They are actually commissioning two artists to create images that will speak to their hearts. It is not very often you find two people, both photographers and digital artists, that work in harmony. Each image is truly a collaborative work.


Charlie is very passionate about photography, and it shows when he talks about his work:

"When I was young I loved taking pictures. But it wasn't until college that I was able to really explore the medium. Then it became a passion and it still burns within me. For me,

photography isn't a job, it's an art form. And I like to involve my clients in the fun of the artistic process too. Nothing is more exciting than to finish a portrait session knowing we've captured some great images that will bring wonderful memories and smiles to my clients and their families for years to come. And when they have fun and take part in the creative process too, then we know the images will be even more special to them."

"Part of the excitement I feel for photography is the enjoyment I get from working with people. That's also one reason we chose to have an in-residence studio. We want people to feel relaxed and at ease - as though they're dealing with friends."

"I admit I'm a die-hard romantic. One reason we chose the name 'Blue Moon' for the business was because it evokes the idea of life's rare moments - something that comes along only once in a blue moon. Like a spectacular sunset or a baby's smile as he looks at his mother... It takes an artist's eye to recognize when one of those moments is unfolding... and record it before it passes. That's what I hope to do for each of my clients, document those genuine moments of beauty and emotion."